January Meeting Notes

Attach please find  our January meeting notes.  Donna is still searching for ohana emails that are not on this list or mailing address.  If you know of any family members that are missing in the email please please please email me their address …(email or mailing address.)
Time is flying and in no time  Kaupu Reunion celebration will be here! If you would like to send a monetary donation please send your donations directly to Boyd Matsuyama and be sure the check is made out to him and indicate that  the monies are for the reunion.  Information is included in the notes and also attach is a donation list.
1. Attach is a picture of the new design of our reunion TShirt that was voted by the family members present at the meeting.
2. There are 5 pages of our meeting minutes.
Questions, input, by all means please send Donna a note….this is your reunion too Ohana, get involve in the planning!